Saint-Raphael is beautifully situated halfway between Cannes and Saint-Tropez, with easy access to all the gems of Provence. We have picked some places for you, places we love to visit ourselves…


Saint-Raphaël is very spread-out. 36 km of indented coastline, offering more than 30 diverse beaches: fine sand, pebble, shady shorelines, creeks, coves and inlets. Most of the beaches are easy to reach by car, with good parking facilities. For more information:

Our personal favorite: There is a small beach between the harbour of Santa Lucia and the centre of Saint Rapahel. This beach has a direct access to a wonderful green area where you can lay on the grass under the shadow of a palm and enjoy a book. The beach consists of small pebbles thus avoiding fine sand in all the places you do not want it. If it is a windy day you will be impressed by the wind surfers who love this spot.


Fréjus was founded in the 1st century B.C. by the Romans and has never lost its population since. Roman and mediaeval heritage creates a prestigious setting: arena, aqueduct, theatre, archaeology museum (and the two-headed bust of Hermes), military heritage. Walk through the narrow streets of the historic centre and enjoy the ambiance of a genuine mediaeval town. Enjoy the variety of good restaurants well known for subtly elegant food and superb wines.  For more information: 

Our personal favorite: Close to the Cloitre Cathedrale de Frejus there is a small square. Take the time for a long lunch under the shadows of the trees at one of the friendly restaurants. Enjoy the ambiance of genuine Provence.


Between Mediterranean waters and limestone Provence, the Esterel is a massif of 32,000 hectares most of which is listed and protected. Its astonishing red color, which changes every hour of the day, is related to volcanic rock from the primary era. Many circuits exist for walkers (45 km of footpaths), mountain-bikers (100 km of sign-posted tracks) and riders (100 km bridle paths). Vehicles are authorized on around 42 km of roads. “Even for those who have seen Switzerland and the Savoy, mountains covered in the dark greens of the Esterel are a beautiful sight. The Alps can die here with dignity” Victor Hugo. For more information:

Our personal favorite: Take a picnic basket with you. Load it with your favorites. Take the car to the highest point accessible by car at the Esterel Massif. Continue by foot until you reach the most magnificent view over the Mediterranean and the neighboring hills. Relax and enjoy!


Situated on the right bank of the river Argens, 12 km west of Saint-Raphaël, this old picturesque village looks over the whole plain. Roquebrune, link between the massifs of Maures and Esterel, is rich both culturally and architecturally and offers its visitors pleasant and enriching walks. For more information:

Our personal favorite: In the centre of the village there is a unique Museum of Chocolate. It is owned and run by a private person. This small museum exhibits a wide range of chocolate packaging, chocolate products, advertisements etc. You will recognize the products of your childhood. At the nearby square there is a wonderful chocolate shop with delicious products. The different tastes and structures of the chocolates are incredibly varied from lavender to nougat.  Enjoy the delicacies with a cup of coffee outside at the small tables or take the chocolates with you back home.



Rising from the hills above the Mediterranean is the city of Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, surrounded by the charming Provencal landscape and the villages of the Pays de Grasse, the regional name for this breathtaking and tranquil countryside. Together they form the French Rivera’s most beautiful balcony. We recommend a visit to one of the many perfumeries, create your own perfume during a workshop or just stroll along the alleys in the historic centre. Well worth a visit! For more information:

Our personal favorite: Visit one of the factory outlets for perfumes, soaps etc. We always buy a box of six perfumed soaps (6 x 150 g). The soaps are made almost in a shape of an almond and the feel and smoothness of the soaps are heavenly. This particular soap is made by Fragonard.

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